I had a really great time yesterday on Mike's birthday. Not that it's particularly important that I had a great time, but I'm usually in not such a good mood around birthdays. Mike's birthday was especially rad because I'm glad that he got to have a whole ton of people over, even some that we didn't expect like Rob & Jamie, Evan and his new wife, Lonny & fam and a good slice of the clique. I and Mike both really enjoyed having everyone over. Oddly enough, I even had a good time while cleaning up the pad in preparation of company. Everything just seemed to go right yesterday. At church Tim's sermon was really quite something. Afterwards I watched Chicago, had a bonfire, burned all of my personally identifying paperwork and zonked out more tired than I knew.

Well, I'm going to go watch La Femme Nikita, so you go check out the pics from Mike's brithday, and all that jazz!