I'm making a really bad habbit out of this posting infrequently. Part of the problem is that it's so cold in here I hardly want to sit out front and get on the computer. If I am ever in the living room I'm usually bundled up on the couch where I can conserve some warmth. I don't feel so blistering cold right now though, but that's probably because I'm wearing a jacket and I've got a brand new heater blowing in my direction.

I actually feel like an incredible dork because of what I'm about to talk about. Today Lance took us (the sysadmins) to lunch at Karl Strause to celebrate the nate being put live (wow! that thing was incredible…). Now, I'm not kidding, our waitress was the most gorgeous girl I've seen since…I can't even think how long. There are a lot of pretty girls around. There are a significant number of girls that I am moderately or more attracted to. This girl rivals Mongia, or even Gwen. I couldn't believe myself. She came to take our drink orders first and I was so stricken I stammered and remembered another resteraunt, with another man stammering at another girl, then I said "Coke, please." It was all I could do just to maintain my composure and try to not let on that I thought she was the hottest woman I've ever laid eyes on.

Ok, yes, I'm a dork. Actually, it feels quite like "Strwbrrybliss goes to the bank".