I have been real disinterested in posting to my blog lately. Maybe I have less to say, maybe I have more to do. I don't know. But you've probably noticed the lack of posts. But, Mike and I were just talking about a feature of LiveJournal where he has his blog, old man rant. So my blogging intrest has been piqued enough to bang on the keys for a bit.

I had a good Thanksgiving. I wasn't expecting it to be all that great, but I rather enjoyed it. It was good to see all of my family that I haven't seen in so long. I've basically missed every birthday party and gathering they've had until now. Partially because I don't have any of their phone numbers, they don't have mine, and few of them rely on e-mail for communication so I don't get notified that way. Even still though, I'm generally so busy that I don't even respond to e-mail when I get it. I take note of it, but rarely do I write back.

I'd also like to say another hooray for Unix. I have this problem with iCal that when the new day rolls over it doesn't automatically update the date displayed in iCal's icon. Thanks to cron I can restart it at midnight to make sure the new date gets set. I like this.