Ok, so I missed Enterprise this week (the season premier too) because I was at Bible study on Friday and at Lonny's on Sunday so I was all ready to go down and buy a Tivo so this wouldn't happen again. For anyone who tells you that Tivo is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it isn't. Tivo costs $180-$500, but you also have to subscribe to a service package for $13 a month in order to get features like season pass (record all episodes for a show), wish list, and basically anything else that's worth having a Tivo for. I'm sitting here asking myself, "why?"

I can order a Cox DVR for only $10/month, and I get those features. That's it. I don't have to shell out several hundred bucks for the hardware and then pay a subscription fee. I can get it all, for cheaper. And ReplayTV isn't any better. What the hell are they thinking? I know what I'm thinking, somebody's trying to rip me off, and for once it's not the cable company.