I just got done reading an interview with Rob Glaser, the CEO of Real Networks. You may have heard of them. They came out with the innovative RealAudio about 12 years ago, and haven't really done a thing since.

The thing that really irks me about this guy, is his sleazy double talk. Ok, check this out. In question 1 he's asked why Real doesn't support Macintosh. He replies and says that Apple doesn't have a large enough marketshare of the desktop. Then in question 8 he's asked why they don't support Linux he says again that the Linux desktop marketshare is too small to bother with. Then in the last question, #10 he's asked in light of Microsoft and Apple's activities in the multimedia market what does Real possibly have to offer as a competitive edge. Rob has the absolute gall to say "We're focused on creating services that deliver great experiences to consumers regardless of what platform they use."

This guy must have no sense of reality if he honestly expects people to forget that he just said the only competition to the monopoly is not worth supporting and then turn right around and porky pie that they offer services "regardless of platform".

Mr. Rob Glaser, you suck.