I'm starting to get the hang of this bloging every day thing. I've been on a roll the last few days. I'm in a fairly good mood right now because the techie stuff is going well for me lately. I busted out 3 new VPN customers today at the end of the day and I got NFS set up at work. I guess RedHat will do, but I want to give DebTakeover a try before I give up on Debian.

Cindy's here right now. She and Mike are practicing a song for Shari's wedding, which is apparently on the 25th. So we're not having a party that day at our house. If you're really dying to maybe you can come over after the reception. We'll see.

I enjoy putting all these finishing touches on my website . . . refining it so that it's constantly improving. I also enjoy gathering ideas from all different places, things that I like and making something that looks nice.

Things are pretty good right now.