I meant to go to the Fire last night, but I wound up going out to Cuyamacca college to talk to Mia about the very important issue. We discussed it for a couple of hours. I do feel different about it now. What I want to do is very simple.

I installed a new server at the Co-Lo today. This one is named stardust and it's the mixer for the Net Chameleon project. It's probably the most fun thing I've worked on in quite a while. Well, the VPN is pretty schnazzy as it is, but once I get it going through the mixer it'll be that much cooler. I'm really looking forward to using it. I'm not completely sure it'll work though. It's kind of (well, not just kind of, but really) a funky setup the way traffic is routed. I don't know if the vpn tunnels will be able to work well with the route flow. I'm particularly nervous because it's a production system that I'm going to just up and change, without any prior testing. Real smart huh? But we don't have enough equipment to properly simulate a test before going over. Ah well…

Hmm, let's see… I'll be goint to the Lamberts' tonight to fix Amica's computer. I've got some things to give them from DC so I'll bring those too. Maybe I'll talk to Amica some about the very important issue, but I think maybe it's too early to divulge all the details. I'll be quite excited to tell her when the time comes though. Yea, I need to stop talking about this. I feel kind of like strwbrrybliss.

I know how she feels.