I've been waiting for this for months. Ever since I heard about the discontinuation of the iStalk I've been wondering what kind of design would come next for Apple's premier consumer desktop product.

It's sexy.

The things Apple has been doing lately in the consumer market is nothing less than astonishing. I've seen all-in-one flat panel computers before, and they've always looked ugly, and far too thick. This is the most elegant design I've ever seen and the 17" model is 2" thick, which makes it just a little bit thicker than my laptop. Wow. And for those of you who enjoy getting into the guts of the computer be sure to check out the design page because they've got a shot of the inside of the casing. My initial impression is that this thing looks like a souped up desktop version of my iBook. As I'm sure you've all heard me say, I am very highly impressed with the superior design of this laptop over other laptops I've owned or worked on. I think I want one.