I'm bored at work today. I've had two main projects, to build another A2K4 proxy and to build a mixer. The A2K4 is done, it's just pending testing and then I'll install it at the CoLo in the morning. But I just had the mixer yanked out from under me. Because we're moving (to sorrento valley) we need to bring the network link up at the new place but we the gateway we ordered hasn't arrived yet. This is where my mixer comes in. It looks like I have to sacrifice the mixer to become the new gateway and then I'll either get it back, or I'll get the new gateway for the mixer.

The trouble is that it's just after 3, I've got little to do and it feels like it's much later than it is. It feels like it's time to go home already but I know it's not. Oh, and I'd like to apologize for wrecking the albums yesterday, it's fixed now. And just for proof, here's a shot I took of the back of my laptop today while being bored out of my mind:

Apple Kool-Aide

Not that I'm becoming a photographer or anything, but I want to start carrying my camera around snapping pics of things I happen to pass. I just thought it would be fun to do, especially while I'm bored.