I went out with Missy last night. We had origonally intended to see Spider-Man 2 but it was sold out everywhere so we ended up at Fasion Valley and saw The Stepford Wives. It was pretty good, I knew the premise of the movie, but beyond that I didn't know what to expect. For the most part it was funny, and has a happy ending. I especially like the relationship between Walter (Matthew Broderic) and Joanna (Nicole Kidman), they both accept the fact that neither of them are perfect or what they had hoped for in marriage. But they love each other and are commited to it.

Actually, it reminds me quite a lot of some things I hadn't thought about in a long time. As if I have any authority on the subject, but I think the two most important books that help prepare one for marriage are The Marriage Builder and Intended for Pleasure (both for completely different reasons). Dale taught a series on TMB a few years ago that I attended and it's really one of the best pieces of advice that you could get. I highly recommend it.