I spent some time working on the website today. At first I was going to label this post "Finishing Touches" but it's far from finished. Small touches is much more apt, and telling…

I installed Apache 2 at home along with mod_perl2, mod_php4 and mod_dav. So now the pictures is served up from Apache 2. I hope Tiger comes with Apache 2. It's been a lot nicer setting it up than 1.3 ever was. I love it.

I also tidied up this place a bit too. I put some more color into the blocks on the side. The funny thing is that the calendar has a border built in around it but the other side blocks don't. Wierd. Some people have no idea how to build a website with unformity. I'll need to fix that.

It's midnight already but I don't want to go to bed. I want to stay up and see…people. I was going to go to the Fire tonight but I got caught up playing FF for far too long. I guess I'll try to go to bed anyway, I'll read some HHTG.