I'm here at Lonny's right now setting up his laptop with SUSE Linux. It's working so far, KDE is the default destkop env. I don't know…I think I'm no longer impressed with user interfaces after using Mac OS X. I take that back, I'm no longer impressed with GUI's after using Aqua. I'm no longer impressed by CLI's after using UNIX. The radest thing about Mac OS X is that it's the best of both worlds. Best GUI, best CLI.

Anyway, that's not what this is about. I just got done setting up Lonny's WiFi card. The built in on his laptop (HP Pavilion ze4500) is a broadcom something or other. The good news is that it basically Just WorksTM using the ndiswrapper driver. Schweet. I'm having some problems with PC Study Bible though, the version that he has won't install under WINE. I've got a different version that I got from somebody else that I have verified works under WINE, but not without it's problems. The SWORD programs are nice, and they've made some fine improvements recently, but have a severe lack of good bible texts. Despite their claim to the contrary, they are making no efforts to obtain or make available other texts. Bummer. SWORD would actually be worthwile if they had a bible worth reading.

Well, I need to automate Lonny's WiFi.