I'm at the Apple store in UTC right now. I'm up here because we're having some hardware troubles at the CoLo and I'm kind of stuck there until it gets resolved. The problem is that the NS500 is reseting itself for no known reason. At first I thought it was power related, then I thought it might be malformed packets of some type causing it to crash. I'm not sure if it's either of those anymore and my best guess is intermittant hardware failure and I've got a call out to the manufacturer and it might get replaced. I backed up the config file today just in case.

So I decided to come down to UTC for lunch since it's real close by. I had spbarro's and watched the cute girls ice skating. I've got to come here more often. I've just been cruising around a bit until I found the Apple store and I've been playing with a PowerMac G5 with an iSight hooked up to it.

Desktop Screenshot of PowerMac G5

This is pretty fun.