Happy 4th of July, even though it's the 5th. The 4th didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. Swimming a Tarpy's was cool, meeting Aletha was cool. But most of the girls didn't really hang out and get involved. First, I'm disappointed in the lack of swimming that went on. Of course, we got there late, but even if we had been on time a bunch of people didn't get in the water anyway. Nicole seems very combative towards me lately, like she always has to one-up me. I don't need grief from my friends while I'm talking to a girl I met recently and am interested in. I quote Galadriel, "the Fellowship is breaking". The clique is disolving I think, and its days are numbered. Half the clique doesn't seem to be interested in anything the other half is doing, and there are of course a few interminglers but by and large it's split. The only thing we do together anymore is eat, and there's even sore division between what/where to eat. Not long ago everyone was waiting for me to get a place of my own so everyone could hang out here, not have to worry about being quiet because of sleeping parents/children, able to stay as late as they wanted, etc, etc, etc. This place has been shaping up nicely, but I wonder now if anybody will make use of it.

This post brought to you by "Yet Another Unfinished Thought". I need to get to bed and it's too late to complete this essay. Maybe later.