Slowly but surely this place is getting more normal. I went shopping with Mike yesterday and we got a bunch of stuff for the house. Friday I got a desk so overlook is back and that means the pictures are back too. Maybe I'll snap a few and post 'em. I also picked up a 19" LCD monitor. It's nice and bright, and the fonts are crisp. I had to go down to 1280x1024 from 1600x1200. Bummer. That's the drawback of having an LCD display, lower resolution. Oh well.

Gnome 2.6 has made it's way into Debian, and is my usual fasion I've started using it yet again to see if it meets my standards. Actually, this time I'm trying to see if I can make it sufficiently like OS X for me to give out as freely as I would recomend someone us OS X. I kind of like it, except for the "spacial" Nautilus, which I don't dig. I've switched it back to navigation mode which I like much better.

I don't care what spacial freaks say. Modern operating systems use navigation based file managers. The desktop paradigm is dead, and with it spacial based file managers. Good riddance. Hopefully the Gnome guys will get it, until then I'll change it myself.

Ok, Nosferatu just came on TCM so I'm bugging out.