Well, as it's been said I've been disappointed in PHP-NUKE for quite a while now. I believe it was about a year or more ago when I was successfully overtaken by an SQL injection.

This, is Movable Type.

My trek to a new blogging system has been a long one. Mostly because I've been too stinking busy to do it. Since Whitey started Old Man Rant I've been interested in setting up LiveJournal. Afterall, it's GPL, and it's Perl. Who doesn't like GPL'd Perl applications? Well, LJ isn't nearly as nice as it seems to be on the surface. The problem with LJ is that to change the layout of the site you need to learn their BML, which is not very much like HTML. I spent several hours last night trying to set it up, hoping that I'd be able to offer all of the "for pay" features to my friends for free. Unfortunately, LJ is woefully incomplete and the default installation is missing about 15 or so documents (including the 404-error.html, which just makes it funny). After spending way too much time with LJ I checked out a few more. I installed Drupal (used at Debian Planet) and Movable Type (used by Wil Wheaton and Dave Barry), and I looked at GeekLog (used by Groklaw briefly. I've settled on Movable Type.

There are a few things about Movable Type that I really like so far. I can usually tell after working with something for a little while wether it's a well designed application or not. After playing with Movable Type I find myself thinking "Oooh … this is nice". After playing with LJ for hours I found myself thinking "WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME YOU FOUL PIECE OF PERL?!?".

I'm in a much better mood now. Movable Type's engine is kind of wierd, because it's not truely database driven. All of the blog entries get put into the database but in order to publish, MT generates static HTML pages and lays them onto the server. I didn't like this idea at first because I'm wary of files writable by the web server. Other than that one thing though, MT seems very secure. And if the rest of the security is up to snuff world writable files isn't such a big dea. The thing that I really, really like about MT, in fact the feature that sold me on it, is the way pages are layed out. It starts with a basic XML structured document with no formatting, then a CSS is overlayed on top of that to do layout positioning and formatting. It's a very simple, yet elegant and powerful design. Exactly the kind that I was planning to write myself, if I ever had the time. But I don't, and MT so far is very nice.

Here's to blogging.