Well, I'm not all moved. I still have a bunch of stuff in storage, and Randy still has a bunch of junk at my place that he wants to get rid of (I just hope he hasn't "already" gotten rid of it), but I'm out of Lonny's. I won't have Internet access there until Tuesday, so until then I'm over at Mike's with my laptop on the tommed WiFi. I think it's going to be a pain in the april because the guys at cox get the address confused, and the guys at best buy won't give me the discount on the modem if I don't sign up with them. Ug. I'm going to have to work all of this out on Tusday and clear it all up. Hopefully I'll get network access then as well.

Man, I'm beat. I hurt my knee somehow today so it hurts to walk. It hurts to just sit here too. And I'm tired. I think I'm just going to lay back a bit and see if I fall asleep. But then I'll have to wake up and drive home. Oh well, I'll deal.