My cousin's house almost burned down yesterday. There was some kid playing with matches or firecrackers or something like that and there's lots of dry grass and weeds around his place because it's out in lakeside. There was a pretty big area that burned, probably around 40'x20', right up to the concrete that extends one foot off the side of the house. I didn't see it until it was long since out, but I'm thoroughly amazed that it didn't catch the house at all. Other than that D&D was fun last night.

This guy I work with, Dave, bought some tickets to see Prince tomorrow night in Las Vegas and then happened upon some better tickets for free. So Dave decides to sell them on Ebay but because he's not a verified seller he can't hold a one day auction. This is where I come in. I put them up on ebay for him yesterday starting at $0.01 with a reserve price of $285. I wasn't quite sure they'd sell, but the reserve price was hit about an hour after the auction started and now with about an hour left to go they're over $450. Not bad. I'm excited to see it go this high. Right now there seems to be two guys in a bidding war on the tix, so we'll see how high it gets. This is fun.

Tomorrow I'm moving. It seems that Jody needs to be secure in a place slightly earlier than I had expected. We're getting all of Randy's stuff out, then all of my stuff out, then all of Jody's stuff in, and all on Saturday. Woo. If you feel like helping out, we may need a hand. Give me a call. I'll buy you lunch.